Saturday, October 2, 2010

e-Portfolio, posted.

I have just completed what I think is a great start to an e-Portfolio. Like all good things, this will take time. I am hoping to continue communicating with several of my amazing classmates. Thank you all for such direction!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

my objectives for PP107

Here's what I have for objectives... they seem vague. But, it's a start.
  1. To organize my ESL websites on Delicious.
  2. To participate in online discussions, seminars, and courses dealing with SLA.
  3. To create an ongoing e-portfolio based on professional objectives.
  4. To embrace the online technologies and how they can help me as an educator.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

best lists...

I really find it amazing how many links there are out there for educator. I'm a huge fan of google, but didn't learn about google.com/educators (that's really cool) until now and The Daily English Show (that's great for EDD). I also like how people aren't focusing just on education sites, but also sites to find software, spyware, hardware etc. Ed Tech Talk is great! (Even though their list was made in 2008... still some good stuff there.)

With that being said, sometimes it can be so overwhelming... I use the sites I like and I like the sites I use. I've been out of the classroom for quite some time. Sometimes I miss it. Especially when I see all this great free technology that I could be using. Well, we all make choices... I chose to be out of the classroom.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I've started thinking about what my ePortfolio might be... to the right, I have put a link to my online Resume. Is this a good place to start for an ePortfolio?


Two things about Marks second video strikes me... Code-Literacy and Remix-Literacy.

Being in education and living overseas for some time, I feel that I have been thrown into Code-Literacy. I've never really had the intention of learning HTML or really getting into making wikis and blogs. I don't really think of myself as a techie, but it seems every job I have had in the last few years, people come to me for computer help. I guess computers make sense to me. I think it also helps that my husband is a techie... some of it must come to me by simply talking with him and showing interest in what he does, be it making a website, a 3D cartoon, a audio drama or whatever. In returning to the States, I feel I'm a little behind, but not so much. These PP classes are really helping me fine tune what I already had and adding a bit here and there to my repertoire.

Remix-Literacy... is this really important or does Mark just like to do it? What I find interesting about this is the conversation about copyright that has to follow this literacy. Again, living overseas things are different. Returning to the States has given me a bit of an awakening.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the conversation happening in all the multi-media groups we have here in PP107. When I try and focus, I feel like I am wading thru all the extra people in these places and when I finally get to the place I think I need to be, I somehow got lost and can't remember why I went to where I am (did that make sense?). Right now, I'm using the Yahoo Group as my base point and posting what I think I should at this blog. (How many people have blogs? I only have addresses for Patrick, Michelle, and Vance's. Would love to know where the rest of you are...)

The yahoo group has 198 people; the Ning has close to 150... Maybe I'm feeling a bit old-fashion but I like the idea of a class of 8.

I kind of like the idea of setting up a listserve or a wiki or a YahooGroup for just our PP107_September 2010. Or maybe just a unique tag. Is #evomlit10 only for us?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

5 Lenses

I am really impressed by the introduction "Many Lenses" in Mark Pegrum's From Blogs to Bombs. The more and more I learn about using the Internet as a classroom, the more and more I return to the idea of teaching critical thinking. The amount of information on the interweb that is misleading or a hair shy of true can confuse students and cause a great deal of complication.

I can see developing a lesson around the 5 lenses: technological, pedagogical, social, sociopolitical, and ecological. Then students would have to rank them as to which was the most important. So, say they are looking at a community networking site... the ecological lens may not be so important, while the social lens would be. Would we teacher students to look at these sites differently?

Side Note: I was able to watch Mark's video just fine. So, if it was broke, thanks for fixing it. And I am assuming he actually spoke to an earlier PP107 class. We he be joining us for an online chat? I'd love to talk with him.

Transfer of classes

It's good that I am forced to revisit my blog... I created this for PP105 and now get to use it in PP107. I'm not much of a blogger... but this is a great reconnect. Yeah me!

Friday, July 30, 2010


Greetings to all who have arrived here. I'm sure you are classmates from PP105. I'd like to take the time to say a few words about creating the content of this blog. Here are some things I learned.

1. Adverbs of Time: In a blog, you really shouldn't use them. I find myself starting posts with words like next or then or now when those words really don't belong here. Example, the first thing I wrote on this blog is at the bottom. So, when I start a post with the word "then," it creates a problem. The reader hasn't read that happened first yet! It seems that you would want to reverse the order of your posts... but then the reader would have to scroll down to get to the latest item. It's a conundrum.

2. Surprise: Just when you think it can't be done, you click on something AND-IT-CAN! So often I felt that I was at the end of my Blogger's rope. But by reading, and re-reading, things Steve put up about embedding and links and stuff like that. In the end, I was able to upload everything I wanted, in the order I wanted. That makes me happy.

Overall, I am really pleased and excited about what I've learned in this class. I hope to use all these pieces of information daily. :)

Thanks for stopping by.

Making a movie... Very scary.

The most exciting thing I did in PP105 was to create a short video of surya namaskar b. It took a lot of time... Recording the bits and pieces was easy... getting it all the flow together perfectly... a bit of a challenge. Enjoy. (Please forgive my poor poses.)


I also got to make just the silliest picture of me using someone else head. Can you guess who she is?

Making pictures Smaller

Over the years, I have been working on getting pictures just the right size to send to friends and family. Being overseas, I was much more cautious in the size of the photos I would email.

Here are the photos I used for PP105. The picture with more ice is the "bigger" photo. The guy with me is my husband. :)

Voice Thread

I think this was one of the most amazing discoveries in PP105. There is so much possibility here! I want to find several ways to use this in my classrooms and in my life!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Then, we were asked to make a sound file using Audacity. I really enjoyed working in this new sound editing software, mostly because it is free. It was one of the only assignments I didn't share with my classmates and only put it in the dropbox. To be honest, it's kind of embarrassing...

I took a favorite song of mine and just read the words aloud while it played. So, here you go... Beck


I'm having trouble getting the RSS feed to play. I think this might work. I'm trying... It's kind of fun to see if we can make things work... It's such a trial and error puzzle. I like that.

Message 008 - sarah.sahr

First Assignment

So, lets get started... I'm really excited about the amount of stuff I leaned in this class. So much so, that I have decided to post everything I have done in the PP105. And some extra things about me (look right and up). Starting with the first assignment we had to place in the drop box. Enjoy

A description of what I hope to accomplish in this class…

I hope to accomplish many things here at Creating/Using Multimedia for Online Instruction. Mostly, I’d like to get familiar with Wikis, podcasts and blogs. Reason being I think several NNESTs are looking for on line support and training. The above mentioned applications can help reach this group of wonderful teachers. (I’d also like to learn a bit about Moodles, but I think Principles and Practices has a whole course on that…)

I think because I was away from the US for so long, I am missing some key technology points in my education grab-bag. So, I hope to get a firm understanding of how to produce a user-friendly blog that uses Wikis, podcasts, video, and the like.

Huh... looking back, I notice that I wanted to learn how to use Wikis in this class. And yet, when faced with the opportunity to use on, I went with Blogs. Funny.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blog it is...

The more I think about it, the more I need to make my final project a blog. I do think there will be time for Wikis... just not this week. SO... I'm planning to post all the work I've done in this class. And, I'll post some stuff from other websites I like...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My first post with indecision...

okay... I'm going to get started, but I'm not going to commit. I am torn between creating a blog or a wiki. Most of me wants to go with a blog because I just want to post information. I'm not interested in having people change what I have posted. I'm looking for a place to post some projects, some pictures, my on line CV... stuff like that. And I want to do it in an informal way.

I guess I'll be making a blog.