Thursday, September 23, 2010

best lists...

I really find it amazing how many links there are out there for educator. I'm a huge fan of google, but didn't learn about google.com/educators (that's really cool) until now and The Daily English Show (that's great for EDD). I also like how people aren't focusing just on education sites, but also sites to find software, spyware, hardware etc. Ed Tech Talk is great! (Even though their list was made in 2008... still some good stuff there.)

With that being said, sometimes it can be so overwhelming... I use the sites I like and I like the sites I use. I've been out of the classroom for quite some time. Sometimes I miss it. Especially when I see all this great free technology that I could be using. Well, we all make choices... I chose to be out of the classroom.


  1. Hi Sarah, your posts show plenty of evidence of exploration and reflection. This one caused me to recall yet another resource I had planned to include under ePortfolios. This one is from the most recent K12 Online conference. If you get into that batch of video presentations it will hold you for hours, but here is just one: http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=478

    Entitled Googlios: A 21st – Century Approach to Teaching, Learning, & Assessment, the presentation title itself mashes up Google for Educators with the ePortfolio concept.

    The abstract says it's about: "relationships between emerging tools and learning theories and between Personal Learning Environments (PLEs), Personal Learning Networks (PLNs), and ePortfolios. By using Google Sites as a main dashboard that “mashes up” multiple Google Apps like Blogger, Youtube, Google Reader, Google Maps, Google Docs, and iGoogle into an ePortfolio, students can build and organize their own Personal Learning Environment (PLE) simultaneously with “building bridges” through their Personal Learning Network (PLN)–all while supporting e-portfolio authentic assessment. One last word of caution: “Googlios: A 21st-Century Approach to Teaching, Learning, and Assessment” seeks to ignite an educational renaissance.

    I've seen the presentation of course, and it makes a great case for ePortfolios. It hits a lot of terms you've brought up lately (this one is right up your alley I think, check it out :-)

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for the Daily English Show. It looks great--could be a hook a the beginning of class or just a self study resource for students.

    Thanks again,

  3. I know! She's fun. Kind of like Khan Academy for maths. have you seen his stuff? he's awesome! (if you're into maths)