My e-Portfolio is here to showcase what I have done in PP107 and other parts of my life.  The classroom stuff first... then scroll down and see more about me!

Video Thoughts...

From PP105, I learned about Voice Thread.  This great online tool helps students record reflections, comments, speaking assignments, etc and allow classmate (members of Voice Thread) post comments on the video.  You can embed video into a blog, but not on my ePortolio page... mostly because this is a static page and not a posting place.  

If you want to see it... here you go: PP107 Voice Thread Reflection

Online Network-ie Stuff

Because of PP107, I've had to be more active in online communities.  So, I can be found at: 

  1. BlogSpot:  http://sarahsahr.blogspot.com/
  2. Twitter:  http://twitter.com/sarahsahr
  3. Delicious:  http://www.delicious.com/mattsahr/sarahesl
  4. Wiki: http://triosamigos.wikispaces.com/3-Sarah's+Page (from PP103)
  5. PB Works: http://pp104tesol2010.pbworks.com/Sarah_FinalProject (from PP104)
  6. LinkedIn: (ask me for this link... it's private)
  7. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sarah.sahr (been around since 2007-ish)

A couple of those links were made prior to PP1107, but I thought they belonged.

My accomplishments in PP107

I would like to recap my objectives and comment on each:

  1. To organize my ESL websites on Delicious.  It took a while, but I finally did it.   There are just under 59 links with the sarahesl tag on Delicious. 
  2. To participate in online discussions, seminars, and courses dealing with SLA. I have participated in several online seminars and course chats since starting PP107.  (I was able to make some PP104 chats...)  There was a great webinar on Virtual Schools by Ed Weekly last week.  I have also subscribed to many online newsletters with CAL, The Chronicle and EdWeekly.  I've also started following several blogs.  I am really liking The Daily English Show.  That girl from New Zealand is awesome!
  3. To create an ongoing e-portfolio based on professional objectives.  I think this will be a work in progress... But I'm off to a confident start!
  4. To embrace the online technologies and how they can help me as an educator.  I've been doing this for a while now... I think these class thru TESOL have just amplified my thoughts and processes in using them.  I can't wait to design more WIKIs!!!

Projects from other Principles & Practices classes:

PP105 - Creating/Using Multimedia for Online InstructionThis Blog... July Archive
PP104 - Teaching Grammar and Vocabulary Online: Ninja! A grade 7 vocab/grammar lesson
PP103 - Teaching Reading and Writing Online: Yoga: A cure for everything. An adult learner reading/writing lesson

Personal Stuff

You can see my resume here.
You can see a gazillion picutes of my husband and I here.

Overall Reflection

I think most of what I've learned in this class is to categorize everything!  There is so much out there.  To not take a cognizant effort to keep track of everything is really a disservice to yourself. Teachers are some of the most giving people on the planet.  Teachers like to share, they want to share.  I find so much pride in an activity I've created that went well.  I want to share it with people.  The internet makes this all so possible.  I'm really not sure where teaching would be without it... for resources and sharing and collaboration and documenting... Truly a great gift!